Tuesday, November 28, 2006

that doesn't particularly sound like art
hmmmm, it's one of those days where you just stay home and appreciate the laziness around you. i cleaned my room yesterday, and today i already have random artifacts strewn over my floor and desk. not that it really matters, but it would be nice to be a bit more organised for just a few more days.

anyway, a coupla things on my mind. i really should be getting into my lc-a a lot more. so far, i've taken about 7 rolls of film, but i have yet to x-process any of them. it's rather expensive in perth, and a bit of a drive. something i tend to avoid when i really wanna get my car in for a service. i've sent 3 rolls in for developing, and the prints aren't much to rave about. there are a few nice ones, but none specifically with that lomo magic. and speaking of cameras, i think soon would be a good time to acquire the sony ericsson k800i.

being a slight photo-enthusiast, one might be thinking why? well, for starters, i don't think a phone could ever be a camera, but i'm seeing this more from a casual and communications point of view. i really think my next camera will actually be a digital SLR, for seriously getting into photography. the k800i is probably one of the best camera phones out in the market now, and it meets my requirements of being a fun, easy to use consumer camera just for taking those candid shots and then sharing them onto the online community. for those moments where you don't have to lug extra techno-artifacts in an urban setting. so thus, this goes in line with hopefully simplifying my life. just slightly.

plus i just hope this isn't one of those material pursuits just so i can feel better about myself. hmmmm.. there were a coupla other things on my mind, but i can't remember them after reviewing a camera phone. technology doesn't help memory in particular, or reminding us why we're human.

oh yes, how does art sound? i suppose there's a reason why i typed today's title they way i did.

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