Sunday, November 19, 2006

too many bright ideas, don't get any

that was beck's reworking of his odelay! classic, where it's at. there's this other version where it sounds more 80's hip hop synth fever, but this version sounds like the mutant spawn of country blues, and hip hop from the 80s. the samples he uses at the end coupled with his bad scratching and out of tune harmonies.. easily make this a clear favourite in my books.

but yeah, ive got so many ideas swimming in my head now, about the sort of music i wanna do. there's the noise experimentation side, the country-acoustic side, the organic electronic side, and now.. the whole beck side. not many people in perth appreciate the kinda music that i'm talkin about down here, i sorta miss thomas my guitarist from spore, whom i know is on the same wavelength as i am most of the time. but i have faith that good things will come from here.. i'm sort of trusting God to open a door for me to stay here for another 6-12 months with a job i'm gonna apply with the university down here.. we'll see what happens.. if so, i can finally concentrate on something without needing to study.. well, hopefully.. haha -)

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