Tuesday, November 21, 2006


it's been ten years since beyond performed this song, and eight years since i first saw it with thomas and we all tried desperately to play it on our guitars. the song was in F and we didn't know how to play barre chords then, but we learnt.. at least i learnt to play barre chords because i wanted to be able to play this song. i never learnt the solo though. this is the song which thomas told me the sad story of wong ka-kui because i was wondering why the man playing the bass was crying. in the end, i would become a bass player as well.

i can't explain it, but this song is so emotional on so many levels, in a time where i'm so cynical about the market forces that drive the music industry, i'm just glad that a performance like this was captured, that an imperfect singer could sing a song his brother wrote but died before he could perform it, cry midway during the performance and have his band members and fans back him up. because this was not perfect makes it one of the most important moments in my music history. it's also the reason why it's one of the best guitar solos out there, because it's one that i can actually hear some sort of emotion in the playing. and if they can do this for a dead guy, what more can we do for a King above all kings?

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