Monday, November 20, 2006

forgotten but not gone
shingles is not funny. i reccomend you don't get it, but it really is unavoidable when you've already had chicken pox. the school nurse tells you that once you've had chicken pox, you'll never get it again, but the flip side is that the relapse known as chicken pox is known as shingles. and while its localised, and you don't normally get fevers, the rash is not just itchy, but can feel like lacerations on your skin that no matter how you treat, just seem to be a nagging pain on your body.

it's a funny ailment where it's viral, so the root in within your body, but the symptons manifest on the surface, but you feel fine on the inside. if you treat the symptoms through topical solutions you feel better, but when you ingest the treatment it takes about one week for any results to take effect. and the treatment is a financial drain, one weeks treatment of famvir cost me $195, and my insurance policy conveniently does not cover treatment of the shingles sort. i feel rather cheated that the policy i spent $150 - $300 on is useless when i need it.

but in the good news section of brian-land, today are the birthdays of two of my closest pals, who are the brothers i never had, and we're all the youngest in our families.. so, do the math.. haha

napkin man god-brother, beer buddy, emotional confidant, travelling companion, lets me copy homework partner, brekkie lunch dinner friend, bros before hoes pal..

funk soul thom - spiritual emotional confidant, melody maker, fanatic collaborator, jurong hokkien mee buddy, leeson leet guitarist, teach me wrong chinese words friend, hai guo tien kong friend, love-solo partner, bio sciencer going to international relations, concert dvd to music appreciation club founder

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