Saturday, November 18, 2006

sitting around waiting for the air to change
i was in fremantle with my mum this afternoon, and it was a majestic feeling to have finally completed all my assignments! but while we were sitting at gloria jeans complaining about the bad flavoured coffee, i know i'll never have a place like fremantle in singapore. places like fremantle are reserved for people in perth. which is why i hope i'll find my own little magical place in singapore, to help take me away from singapore when singapore becomes too much for me every once in awhile. perth's always a plane ride away, but i think singapore's home for now, and home's where i wanna be. but perth's sorta an adopted home too, and i hope never to forget it. well, not unless it's cutting me too deep.. but then again, that's for everything else init?

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