Tuesday, November 14, 2006

knowledge is power, but it also comes with sadness
a three star chef

i was a cafe today where i was doing abit of reading with a gourmet travel magazine. i remember reading an article about a three star chef (apparently that's a very good rank) who is known to be a paradox because he is the chef that is a businessman, and a businessman who is a chef. he says he doesn't work, but that he walks, travelling around the globe to taste, experience, observe, to make sure that all his restraunts are up to standard. he doesn't sleep because he does all his sleeping on the plane.

wow, that does seem rather impressive, to be able to exist as a concept and be at the top of society, having your food eaten by the elites of modern life. it was rather enlightening to read about how some high society people conduct their lives, in the glossy magazines that tell us about the secret lives of others. we're all magazine articles, because we consume the information they tell us, sometimes we just wanna be like what we read.

sometimes i think we take too much pride in what we know, that we forget that there's a whole lot we don't know, and then we don't become teachable. i mean, success is probably the hallmark of past methods that somehow worked and we turned out alright. but sometimes, just sometimes, i think it causes us to turn a blind eye to the realith of mistakes, that they have equal value in teaching us what we don't know. plus, sometimes, the more i think i know, the sadder that knowledge brings to my being.

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