Thursday, November 30, 2006

where the people hope and find rest
wow.. it's been a rather crazy week. was editing the whole day yesterday, but i had a really good dinner with a coupla good friends of mine, making burgers from scratch and just having mountain loads of beef, chips, beetroot, gerkins, onions, facon bat, lemon bitters, ice cream.. good lord.. haha, if only all men could cook like this and still have enough chest hair to assert the masculinity!

anyway, its back to the editing suites later in the arvo, deadlines deadlines for people's wedding videos!! also, am on for electric guitar on friday night.. was spending the entire morning today learning the songs.. making pretty good progress, i'll work on the rest tomorrow at worship practice. also, missions training at 5pm, but that's going pretty alright.. just gotta remember to bring all the correct CDs this time round.. haha. whole day's taken up tomorrow, i have a fairly free saturday where i need to pack all my stuff so that by sunday i'm good to go to fly back to singapore.


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