Thursday, November 16, 2006

my electric dreams

i know its almost four in the morning, but i can't seem to get to sleep nor do i want to. but trust me, once i get this out of the way, i'll plonk myself on a couch and go right to bed.

i've been rather intrigued with the work of guy sigsworth of late. some of you may recognise him from being the other half of froufrou, but i never knew that. i only became when i saw him play a pipe organ with bjork, and then i realised he was also a composer, producer and arranger. i've always tried to stay clear of froufrou, because i've tried to stay clear of garden state. don't ask me why, i can only give you a stupid excuse where it's one of those movies that everybody seems to go on and on about which makes me naturally averse to it. and yes, "let go" by froufrou, beautiful song as it is falls under my bigoted taste for the arts.

anyway, more on mr sigsworth. i think its amazing he's embraced technology and yet arranges and sequences some of the most organic and sparse sounds at a live bjork show. i'm inspired save the least, about how much work gets done on the computer and it may well be an avenue worth looking into if i wanna do more performance art. i think sequencing is definitely one of the ideas worth exploring because it gives you more autonomy to be an artist without bothering too many of your friends. unfortunately i've been investing alot of my time and money on things that aren't geared toward digital recording. i do have a bunch of guitar pedals though.. haha but i'm glad technology is getting better. i'm looking at either an old powerbook G4 or the newer macbooks (ibook replacements) to be more main digital workstation. i'm rather tempted to get the G4 even though its obsolete, but if it was working fine for so many people and i'm only an amateur in the music production gig, i think i can get a cheap G4 and start my sequencing dreams.

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