Sunday, November 26, 2006

they told me the letter wasn't a lemon
yumin burnt me some anime and the unit. i like the unit because it's just like a video game with all the guns and combat manoeuvres. i recognise some of the combat stuff from my own training during NS, but i'm no crack delta force unit, so i won't pretend to know much. but i think i did recognise a few individual combat weapon systems from when i used to play rainbow six. very cool. makes you wonder what the future of warfare's gonna be like.

and i've also grown from being a pacifist anti-war youth to being a young adult, that actually believes some things are worth fighting for. i still have a pretty steep anti-war stance, but idealistic hippies piss me off a lot more than under-educated grunts. at least grunts seem more earnest, and maybe it's because i was drafted, and i know i don't really have much of a choice to not take part in a war should my country be attacked by some external force.

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