Saturday, October 1, 2005

A Headlong Rush

A Headlong Rush

a fine snap by folkstar.

today in cell, we learnt about not showing favourtism to those around us. and that also means learning to love your neighbour as yourself.

now i'll have you know how difficult that is, because some people just get on your nerves and try your patience so. in fact, you really wonder sometimes, why you even bother about them.

technically, they shouldn't be worth your time. but when the realisation that Jesus died for every single one of us, whether deserving or not, this act kinds of puts everything into perspective.

we love because he first loved us, and where we cannot love,well i guess we'll learn to.

today i got myself a suit for the highest profile wedding in my church tomorrow. its my first time wearing a whole suit, and it'll be great to snappy people with all our spiffy outfits. whoo hooo!

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