Sunday, October 9, 2005

demons and angels
y'know, as i was in church this morning, i was thinking to myself, why don't demons actually convert to christianity? i mean, are they that thick in their brains that after such a long time, they still don't knwo how God moves in the spiritual realm? i mean, the bible says that demons know who Jesus is and they shudder. they know the glory of God, they know who's gonna win in the end, why don't they just change sides? or are they even allowed to?

and i don't know if this is representative of anything, but if demons can't cross over to the other side, i'm guessing that's wot its gonna be like once we've had our chance as well. once we pass away, its either heaven or hell, and when that time comes we can't cross over anymore.

i remember a pastor back in spore said once that one thing we know about hell, is that it is the absence of God. some of us might think, well.. that's a good thing ain't it? no more party pooping, no busy body trying to make my life a holy schmucky thing.

but remember wot i said about demons not being able to cross over? wot if they have that longing to cross over to the other side, but they just can't. they fear God for cryin' out loud, its the one thing that puts fear in the hearts. but because of the way it works, the time for repentence is over and now is the time for judgement and justice, and even though a God of love extends mercy, a God of justice administers justice as well.

and that longing to be with God, and you just aren't allowed in, that's the scary bit. that's wot being away from God entails, we may not know it now.. but there are is a void which only God can fill. the void of regret, and unfulfiledness, of knowing you could be somewhere else and never ever being able to get it again and be at peace witgh it because the time of repentence is over, and the time of consequence is the present eternity.

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