Thursday, October 27, 2005

captive state: i have met the divine
jump onboard internet radio and niche yourself amidst today's fragmenting world!

this has been my new toy for the past twenty minutes, and already i see nary a lonely night listening to a streaming broadcast that has a seventy five point seven chance of playing a song i might actually enjoy. why? you ask. because for starters, by downloading the audioscribbler plugin for whichever media player you choose to be your default, it will record and spy on your music choices, sending that information to the server and find similar artistes whenever you open the radio player. alternatively, when you start the player, the ask for similar artistes as well, and immediately generate a playlist from there. we are talking a vast library of non-mainstream music here, and if that rocks your socks, go sign up now! (and populate my 'friends' list.)

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