Sunday, October 2, 2005

Tokyo-ian Sunset

Tokyo-ian Sunset

a fine snap by folkstar.

as i was driving back from soccer today, i noticed a most awesome sunset. it stirred something in my heart, it reminded me of our sovereign creator and how he loves to do things with style.

i don't know how many of you think of sunsets as just a natural phenomenom. its just the earth rotating on its own axis and so every 12 hours a day or so, we have both sunlight and sunset. the "beauty" of dawn or dusk is only the cultural construct of society over the years. some romantic artisan must have romanticised the whole notion and we just followed suit. now that we're in a world governed by science and rational thought, shouldn't something as arbitary and subjective as beauty not be apprecitated?

but can we truely turn our back on something so inate in us? we as created beings, also have the heart of the creator. everything he made was good, from DNA to the vast nebulae in surrounding galaxies. all have his signature mark of beauty and style.

which is why we can see each new day as a new hope. there might be times when time keeps going on and on, and every new day is the prolongnation of a curse to stay alive. but if you seek the Father's heart, i think you will find his zest for life. or rather, he will reveal it to you.

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