Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Why Can't We All Just Watch?

Why Can't We All Just Watch?

a fine snap by folkstar.

*yawn* feeling a tad tired now. but here i am being faithful to my posts.

had a really good day today, woke up to meet up with yh and just give him a hand with his production by just talking about it. later i accompanied peivn to meet her friend esther in the city who was in for a short stopover. we had a quaint little alfresco lunch at the delizzio pizza outlet in subiaco. and their mushroom risotto was abolutely divine. couldn't help but fall in love.

and then there were auditions held for the agape (uni ministry) worship band, so we tried out a few earnest folk and it encouraged my heart so.

so here i am on a platter, just typing this out as it comes along.

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