Monday, October 24, 2005

i've always found blur to be one of the genius bands of our generation. pity i can't name drop them with all coolness because they are song2 bigger than that.

and we all say
don't want to be alone
we wear the same clothes
because we feel the same
and kiss with dry lips
when we say goodnight
end of the century...
it's nothing special

- "end of century" blur

i wonder wot the voice of this generation is. i wonder wot the voice of any society or any individual is. i wonder because we're all part of the status quo, don't rock the boat. the voices of discension that's in the air, the air of discontentment and jaded well-beings. the lacklustre hip hoorays because the past has mucked us so and now the future is all that's left to behold.

all the emotion in our world today, poured out like a river overflowing it's banks. it'll drown us all and consume us. i could have said "you", but i'm no better, and i'm no worse. there is no longer time left to prove who's right and who's wrong in this world anymore. sometimes it feels as if we're just passing through, and right and wrong seem negligible next to transient or eternity.

there are always more pressing issues at hand, and if i had it my way.. don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. two more weeks of the semester, i can't seem to get finished on my assignments long overdue. egad egad egad, i hope that once i type this out, magically my heart will long to finish my work. stay in touch, it's no surprise.

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