Sunday, October 23, 2005

pardon the stains on the window
busy yourself
tear yourself away from attachments
seeking solace within the whirlwinds of grace
and i won't let you down
so lay me down softly
don't let me crash
don't let me hit the floor
pashin' and left out
simple lives and tragic endings

ow, i think i've got a toothache. funny, you'd think you'd outgrow toothaches by this time. i suppose its my wisdom tooth, the upper right side of my mouth just hurts tragic. i just want someone to pull that stupid tooth out now. y'see, when we're in pain, we want silly things. the consequences can bother us later.

somehow, i'm wondering who will remember all this. all the words that we've spoken and share between us. the breath between us could be miles. but yes, who will remember all this? who will share your special moments? and yes, tell you things you never knew?

romanticism seems to be welling up in my soul. summer love for summer cowboys. but you don't need a special two to feel loved, remember that. it's all around..

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