Saturday, October 1, 2005

It Looks Like A Family!

It Looks Like A Family!

a fine snap by folkstar.

for starters, i didn't take this picture, it was by angie, and i think it looks fab.

well, today was Pastor Hock Cheng and Mabel's wedding, and quite a flash grand affair it was. and y'know the thing with classy events, is that sometimes too much schmoozing goes on? well, at this wedding, no matter how high grade the little details were, the main star was the simpleness of the occasion. two people who love each other and decide to glorify God and further his kingdom by getting married and fulfilling out his will in their lives.

well, that's wot i learnt at least.

i've truely been blessed in my stay so far in perth to be able to withness this amount of weddings. for my jaded soul with regards to finding the perfect partner, it is inspiring.

i suppose she'll be perfect in my eyes, because she's who God intended for me, to be my best friend and mother of my children. yes, i am following the tried and tested lifestyle of a family with kids. if this so is the will of God, then we will be happy to live by it.

i suppose this all sounds like holy schmoly.. nothing's really perfect is it? everything requires work to maintain, and there'll be times when we're at each other's throats. its not gonna be all peachy keen.. but then we also ask ourselves, how much are we willing to sacrifice for a shot at true love.

if love is overrated. it takes something like this to be a bit of an inspiration to folk like me. and if you're reading this, folk like you *heh*

'tis is an adventure, where there are damsels to pursue and battles to be won.

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