Saturday, October 22, 2005

it's lighting the sky for some strange reason
hello. this is another entry that has somehow found its way into your daily digest. if you stare at these words any longer, i'm afraid whatever residue of your soul is left will be consumed by a tiny wormhole-like vortex. why are there so many voices around? i can't break it down when you keep telling me of how strong i'm supposed to be.

i've been listening to a particular song on repeat just to try to learn a bassline. alas it is to no avail. i just can't seem to figure it out. and its not a difficult piece at all, just simple octave shapes, but for some reason i can't make out wot's in between.

i think i've got that problem alot, i can't make out wots in between the lines. y'see, the words are so small, you really wanna shure that you've read them correctly. after many years of subjectivity, i yearn for something to be truely as it is, i don't want things to be open to interpretation anymore. after a long while, my soul is just tired of trying to figure things out. i'm only twenty three but i feel fifty. or it could just be that i didn't get a good night's sleep. or rather not enough sleep.

i wonder and wander about the creativity that is all around me. the little bursts of inspiration that the greatest artist in all time and beyond has laid to bare. and within each finite morsel of substance, there would lie something where our mortal minds and souls will never comprehend, not unless eternity sets itself in our hearts? but is that being too pompous? as much as all of us are unique, all of us are paradoxically more alike than we can imagine. and so.. if someone will take the time to explain certain things to me. i'll take some time to explain certain things to you.

someday in eternity, i'll tell you things you never knew.

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