Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Fill Us With Desire

Fill Us With Desire

a fine snap by folkstar.

my band here's gonna be launching our EP this saturday at the swan basement. sharing the bill will be a band from New South Wales, Tragic Delicate and Insidium.

we've played with Insidium before and they can be loosely descibed as sounding abit like the Mars Volta. but they shure as hell have alotta stage precence and they're always good fun. i've never played with Tragic Delicate much less seen them live, but they kind of remind me of Days Of The New or an acoustic styled A Perfect Circle.

so this saturday will be a nice varied mix of music. May Fled is going to play almost every song it has in its arsenal, which should be about an hours worth of music. marrying a mix of intricate songwriting with a dash of intense grunge, well, lets just say its fun to play as well as perform.

however, i haven't been very involved of late, so it'll be a very interesting experience for me. hahaha, like i havent had time to make contacts within the scene here, i kind of feel like an outcast in the local music scene. still, lets see wot new friends we make, and i just hope we put on a helluva show. in a sense, im really excited because we're gonna debut our new guitarist and he really adds a whole new angle to our scene, kind of grounding it and giving it a more distinct flavour.

this may have been a plug, but it was cathartic as well. whoohoo -)

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