Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Clamouring For Attention

Clamouring For Attention

a fine snap by folkstar.

well, with these post of late, its been a bit of a departure from my usual banter about life and outlooks and all. in some sense, everything i've written here of late seems very very trivial. i don't know why, but i've just been feeling that way.

a trivial blog, something i've never wanted, in fact trivialness is something i usually don't want to entertain. but i guess with my current situation, it dawns on me that we can't all be perfect. hahaha, in fact, how can anything be perfect?

but back to the story, it just felt trivial of late, and not sharing about it explicitly kind of made these postings not so honest, like there was something i was afraid you'd find out.

not that all that bothered me of course, well, not as i'm typing all this out. right now, i'm kind of typing things as they appear in my brain. but still concious enough to draw the line on certain self-imposed rules. which aren't always followed.

so a bit of the point i'm making is that this post marks a slight return into getting back into the groove of the blogging i enjoyed and started out with. i didn't make a concious effort to trivialise things, but now i'm also not making a concious effort to return to anything. its just the way it is, the way it works. as jeannie would say, straight from brain to screen. and i guess that means letting everybody know wot a loser you are. not that you fish for compliments, but really, just telling it like it is, how you feel and y'know.. facing up to your fears. that once its out there, you can breathe again. because it's more rewarding living in the light.

i decided not to 'anoymously view' anyone in friendster somewhat because of this reason. i feel that, hey! we should be confident about ourselves and people not taking things the wrong way and actually stalk people outrightly! because you have absolutely nothing to hide. food for thought kitty kats, wot're we all hiding today?

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