Thursday, October 20, 2005

life thru a lens of tragic fractures
well, by now i'm shure you would have noticed that i haven't really been 'here'. the truth is, i have been around the computer, its just that i decided not to jump aboard instant messengers or open my browser because work needed to be done. after a week, work still needs to be done, and i missed my friends. so thus, i have returned to blogging.

it feels as if a lot can change in a week.

it's been a rather helpful process. a bit of cold turkey for me because i was so dependent on the internet to be connected with people, to have this faux sense of being up to date and informed about wot was going on in the different spheres that we engage in, to almost believe that i belonged to a certain circle of the world.

but if there's anything i learnt, is that the virtual community is no substitute for the real community. while it helps bridge friends who are seperated by large bodies of water, you can't be online the whole day waiting for someone to come online and validate your existence. alas, forgive me if this has been taken too seriously. hahahaha

anyhow, to be at peace with oneself is truly a remarkable feeling. i wonder wot will be reported upon tomorrow?

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