Friday, October 21, 2005

Check-Out Express

Check-Out Express

a fine snap by folkstar.

i've spent a good portion of the day cleaning up my computer making room for well, i don't know, i don't like the clutter that slows my processor down. its an urban myth isn't it? hahaha.. i wouldn't know.

yeah well, its funny how life's shifting back into gear with the online, man.. it shure is a tempting place to say hello to friends, share music here and there, discuss all these grand plans that we have.

the problem is that just talking and planning online isn't gonna help in the offline world. jeepers, don't you just wish you had genie powers soemtimes? i dunno, maybe there's something in me that's just so lazy that doesn't wanna work for certain things. and yet, there are certain things in life that do give you satisfaction just because you put an effort into things.

there's no such thing as a free ride is there? i think there are some, but most things just aren't. hmmmm.. well, dunno why i was so obsessed about spring cleaning my hard drive, its actually pretty cleaned out man. all that anime that's been downloaded and collecting dust, can now make room to more music perhaps. yeah.. perhaps.

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