Thursday, May 4, 2006

consuming and reliving
so what have i been listening to in recent times?

well, i've gotten my hands on brad mehldau who is a most amazing jazz pianist. in contrast to this, i finally decided to get serious about fourplay which is a smooth jazz quartet unlike the raw passion of brad mehldau, fourplay are calm, controlled and collected and yet warm all at the same time.

listening to jazz is my bid to better myself as a musician. i've always liked jazz but believe it or not because of my otherwise excessive and extensive musical tastes it's been hard to focus on this discipline. with losing all my previous music, it's given me the oppurtunity to rebuild a collection and re-steer my tastes. of course i'm still listening to bands like feeder, mercury rev and asobi seksu, and my hope is to one day fuse this shoegaze sort of sound with the versatility of jazz and play it at a leisurely pace. or who knows, i might have my dream of an all acoustic post rock orchestra.

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