Friday, May 26, 2006

Drum N Bass

Drum N Bass

a fine snap by folkstar.

and i can't remember the times from before. if you're not here with me now than were all our times together for naught? maybe if it weren't for some sort of grace i might believe that. but this i can say, all was not for naught. all things have led to this, and tomorrow some sort of beauty will burst forth from a budding flower.

we die to give life to new bodies. our mortal coils pass away to a spiritual eternity. who else do i have but you, God?

i've been a bit of a Martha lately, always doing something, anything to justify my salvation, and work my way toward righteousness. but i think it is much more joy to sit at the foot of Jesus and listen to his word, and feel his arms around you.

i also miss playing in my band.

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