Friday, May 26, 2006

when being cryptic helps us understand frailness and so we don't always have to make sense.
i'm sorry if i haven't been making much sense. it's just that lately, my mind's always phasing in and out of concentration, and i'm hoping that this post will make as much sense as i can will it to.

y'see, lately i've been trying to do my assignments, and i've been procrastinating a lot. like what i'm doing now. but how do i articulate it? i just feel so alone, like i'm the only one struggling like this. of course i'm aware that i'm not the only one who has it tough (if i even am), but this is just how i feel.. alone, no end in sight, failure and all round nihilism. is there a cure for the ailment, some sort of secret ancient remedy?

if it were so easy to snap out of, i would have taken the pains to a long time ago.. but i really am at a loss for the right words now. i just want this semester to end, i want to see my friends and feel like i matter. i think i'm looking for all my answers in the wrong places. hopefully this is articulate enough, and recognisable as some sort of a distress signal.

man.. 24 hours in a day. feels like forever, and then forever isn't enough.

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