Tuesday, May 23, 2006

flat or depth brings many martyrs from past to the present
the design of this blog has not changed much since it was first incepted in 2003. if anything, more junk has been added, and hoarded to personalise this space. much like my life if i were to draw various parallels. the links for example, sometimes they're meant for my easy access if i ever forget a few of my favourite things. more so for you, so that you can see and discover what makes me tick. but after awhile, i think you and me just don't care anymore. i mean, they're just hyperlinks for crying out loud.

and still i like to type in here, fill the blank white space with intervals of alphabets, sometimes to form coherent sentences with bad grammer. sometimes to not make any sense at all.

this space was never meant to be a diary, or even a document. i suppose a zeitgeist would best describe my little purple space. a spirit of our times. i'm just wondering if much has changed since the purple background of 2003 and the purple background of 2006. the words have definitely changed, if anything, i've gone through a band name change already, three new years, three christmases, threee valentines.. you get the drift. a lot has changed, but this purple is botherhing me. just what did i leave behind?

and yet, the familiarity of the layout gives me comfort, that perhaps in some ways i'm still recognisible. i still can't make a decent website with sub-par html codes and as such, i'm locked down to be creative in other ways based on the skills i don't have. nothing should limit you except you yourself. if i only had a guitar with one string, i'd still find a way to make music.

so re-welcome to my little abode.

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