Monday, May 8, 2006

you feel something bubbling beneath

well, this is what i had for dinner.. although i *ahem* tweaked the picture a little. i personally don't feel like working tonight, but i'm going to have to. things aren't going so hot for me right now, can't seem to find the drive i need to work or hand up things on time. have you ever felt like you were digging your own grave? i hope i'm not, and yes.. i am afraid of turning out mediocre. very much afraid indeed. even though my life has been anything but, it's just that *sigh* i hate starting well in uni and then losing the plot somewhere halfway.

i think i've dragged this process out for too long already, 'specially since i have a short attention span. i need some family and good friends around me, kick me into another mode. but alas, they are not here now..

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