Friday, May 12, 2006

i run away from things
it's surreal (again) doing work in the computer labs in school. it's a lot less distracting than home, but somehow here i am again putting something online. out of bordom, and oh i got stuck in my essay, so i'm hoping this breaks the clog.

i'm thinking abit about the future today, mainly because i have an assignment coming up , that being a treatment for a documentary you would want to produce. and so it got me thinking, what would my first documentary be? it's kind of like one of those compositions you do in primary school called 'what i want to be when i grow up'. if anything, the two loves i have before i came to understand the visual medium were music and God. and as i thought about both, it reminded me that sometimes, just sometimes we could learn to be a bit 'selfish' by doing the things we are passionate about as opposed to being 'selfless', where we do things out of practicality or duty. all are admirable qualities, but i too feel that it's been awhile since i indulged in my passion for music.

i still play for worship, i'm still around music, but i perhaps i haven't fully explained this passion for the musical medium, the cultures behind it, the lessons i've learnt from it. the vocabulary of the limited theoretical knowledge i have of this wonderful and rich craft. how when someone plays a phrase on an instrument, or even with a voice, the air that moves between the source to your ears, the space in between each note is so imporatant in forming that melody, the sentences of music and just how it can remind you, of the joy of being alive. life that flows through air.

and this just scratches the surface of the many lessons i've learnt from the medium. if i'm not interested in dry theory and how it pertains to our dry society, it's time i found a niche for myself in this massive world by looking in the direction of passion, and inspiration. it beems me that friends like debz or mittie were able to contribute and give back to music what they did through their respective thesis'.

it got me thinking, it reminded me of things that needed reminding.

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