Friday, May 19, 2006

what does one person say to our great injustice?
tomorrow is shoot day. allocated 12 hours to shoot 7.5 minutes worth of film. i don't know if its overkill, but i sure am scared of ruining what little film we have. i'm so concerned with it that i'm finding it hard to concentrate on my other work. which isn't really much of an excuse to my other tutors if i ever tried explaining to them.

no peace and no rest

just the way i'm feeling.. i really miss my friends back in spore. or even just being around people. assignment heavy times are difficult periods on my life when i'd rather be making music with my bandmates or something. i'm just feeling kind of distracted right now, tomorrow's shoot isn't something i've been feeling in a while. i'm working with a somewhat new crew, and it isn't with the familiarity of the electric-cowboy. it's good in a way that i really get to try something different, but it's also scary because once you've experienced greatness, you don't know if anything else will compare. i just don't want our final cut to come out contrived and all the things i detest about murdoch film to appear in our film. i am however, really excited at the speed and pace of our preperations, and maybe our execution tomorrow. i think haste and focus can appear and show. we may not necesarily build all the layers of a highly detailed work of art, but perhaps the muse shall visit us tomorrow, and with the best of our preperation we can hope to capture just a glimpse of her.

tomorrow then! whatever happens.

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