Monday, May 1, 2006

i want to be a nuclear test subject
there's something about the word nuclear that sends shivers down my spine. okay, that's not really true but i wanted to have something that could have the ability to do so. okay, maybe what i want is to run a finger that's been dripped in iced water down the arch of my back.

gee whizz, i have absolutely no idea what today's post is going to be about. i've been wondering if i should start podcasting, but that's probably too much work. still, it might be fun. maybe i ought to do one before this blog shuts down from a nuclear holocust.

i'm thinking of what sorta groceries i should be getting today. also, listening to funeral for a friend puts the emo in my melodramatics. i never really did master how to do all those emo poses with my guitar. it would make our gigs more interesting to watcha doncha think?

anyway, if i do think of something, i will put it up. i hope.

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