Tuesday, May 23, 2006

later nights and fevered dreams
i can think in terms of styles and mediums. maybe it's time to think in terms of the tools i have at my disposal. video production, bass playing, music, writings. if i could take a path, or draw out a canvas, what would i creatively put on it and present as a piece of art about the world around us? as a christian, i think we walk a fine line between being enchanted by the world, and also rejecting the world. sometimes perhaps that battle is not for us to keep fighting, but to also rely on the Lord's strength and favour.

about two seconds ago, as i was listening to some new asobi seksu material, i realise that i like strong short bursts of absolute beautiful noise. in the song "new years", you can listen toward the end how the harsh scraping guitars juxtapose with her beautiful fairy/ethereal like voice combined with the pulsing yet melodic rhythm section, it creates a powerful canvas of despair, destruction and creation all at once. it doesn't drag on too long, its like a beautiful sentence of profound revelation without it being overbearing. i'd like to make music like that some day. or perhaps, one kind of music one day.

maybe it's something God's put in me, to be attracted to the strange sights and sounds that he's put in his creation, and we just scratch abit of the surface and try to sculpt something, an interpretation of the beauty or devestation that is around us.

if i had a band now i'd call it "the ... rhythm section" or something, and make really nice driving music, stuff that you can dance and mosh to, or just stand there and sway. something that hooks you and gives you hope. and it lets you go just as you are about to reach an epiphany. i hope it points you in the right direction, but i'll leave the revelations to the creator.

thomas and i are already planning our bedroom jams, write some new material and collaborate with our friends for perhaps some interesting pieces that we've never done before in Leeson or other projects.

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