Tuesday, May 9, 2006

signs of life
eek geek, i am a political anarchist. actually i'm not but i was trying to write some sort of a poem. haven't written strange phrases for a while now, is it the result of some stabilising force in my life? but i usually feel most stable when something around and in me is slightly loopy, which isn't so cliched but cliched enough to be weird. yes, i could be a walking stereotype, but then again i see everything in recurring patterns.

i am attacked that there is nothing glorious about my physical circumstance, i am blessed with abundant relationships and comfortable neccessities, but there is nothing glorious about the things i do or say. is that pride in me talking? wishing to have some sort of carnal recognition even in doing the supposedly spiritual things?

i have been blessed and yet i am discontent, because i know that there is something that i should be doing but i haven't. that part which is not pleasing to a God above all else can make a man walk in a shadow of guilt and remourse. and yet, i don't know how far i am willing to go with this, not allowing myself to walk in a promise.

signs of life, does mine seem barren?

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