Monday, March 15, 2004

across the night
wot makes you feel alive? i can ask this, because i'm feeling kind of sleepy, weeks behind some of my readings, bitten by an uncreative bug, confused as to how to best express myself, sometimes taken for granted, and unacknowledged, unconfidant when your outlooks are the unpopular one.

some live their lives for other people, because the acknowledgement makes them feel alive. some live for themselves because they're jaded and have lost the faith in things other than their own abilities. their success makes them feel alive. some can't find a reason to live, and end up giving in to the lost cause of death. i think life can be found in all these and more. it takes a certain realisations of these issues, and something in you has to want to dig deeper than you've ever dug before, and then you will / may realise digging deep isn't going to make you feel alive.

life is something given to you. feeling alive, is something given to you. who else has the power to turn a curse, into a blessing? think about it, you know the answer too.

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