Thursday, March 25, 2004

the sum of greater things
come add onto me, this sense of dreariness. could it be that there's a burden upon these shoulders, or that i'm not feeling a certain way. something missing or something too much to bear, these issues brought to light, fade away totalled clash. but i'm just glad it hasn't gone to the pits, not beyond my control, never beyond the control of the God most high. some ask me why i believe in something i can't see, can't prove, not real. why do people suffer, have innumerable pain afflicted by illness. blame all the good things on a devil, and giving all glory to a God. you can't compare the uncomprehendable. it's never gonna make sense or logic, because he is beyond those things. beyond the things you can attach a value to, and still.. there we are, chosen by him to be with him before we knew we would be born. it's true, none of us asked to be here, so how much more can you say this life is yours to live and do as you please? it's an inherited will, we're a product of something above than our own choice. and still there's a choice to be made. welcome to greater things.

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