Saturday, March 6, 2004

nothing's quite right as rain
a decent day, i managed to sort out my accounts and to my horror, things are not as they seem. for starters, i have an extra 40AUD on hand and missing 100AUD from my bank account. i hate this, it means i'll have to look thru all my receipts and purchases, on top of my readings and hiragana homework over the weekend.

i'm looking for a car now. i told myself it'd be under 3000AUD, but from the looks of it, i'll be more spoiled for choice if i set it at under 4000AUD. you see, there's an 80s porche going for that price. but it might have been snapped up, good things don't last long.

and then there's the amplifiers and recording gear. the work permit, the job. psyches! daymn, i hate it when money is the talk of the towne! you should see my table, its strewn with receipts. but i think i shall turn in now.

goodnight everyone, i'm sorry this was a griping one.

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