Sunday, March 21, 2004

tedious and tangible
lack of updates, my bad. just been so busy working the days away on my editing project. my first attempt, lets hope my tutor thinks its a good effort. i'm new to the whole thing, so it got kinda confusing after awhile, like there were so many meticulous decisions to make. it was hard work, but strangely, it felt rewarding being part of a creative process.

so yeah, i'm still alive, though right now i feel physically dead. dosen't help that there's a freaking heatwave happening right now and i just feel like plopping onto my bed like a dead fish. really, these things hit even the best of us.

pardon me if you've been stopping by since thursday, tryna get an update on the blog. wished there was more to share, but the grey matter is starting to disintegrate. tomorrow will be a better day.

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