Sunday, March 14, 2004

pray for rain
where is the drop in temperature that was promised to us by a certain weather station. it figures, you think these people control nature, but they don't. its kinda humid for a perth day, and i wished the air was cooler so that i could make more of an attempt to read my notes, formulate ideas and discussions, think creatively regarding an editting project and presentation. yes, life is catching up, and i musn't forget i'm only a student. ga-ku-se-des. only a student. funny how the day just flew by today.. its good and bad. you can do the math, heh~ well.. i'll hope the nights are colder for now.

and its days like this when the cure sound more alive. its like having a conversation with someone. yeah, i miss those, real conversations where people agree with wot you say, and make you think out of your box. it wouldn't make life complete, but it'd give some faith that the human race wasn't so caught up in itself.

pray for rain, clear the draught, bring life abundant and remember the world as not as cold as you are.

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