Monday, March 8, 2004

crabs and high school never ends
high school never ends is an incubus song by the way, just for the record.

aye so, this is an account of wot happened on the special two hour episode of brian land. saturday. we woke up early, way early in the morning. five thirty if i remember correctly. i stumbled out of bed, switched my light on, thought to myself: wot the heck am i doing? switched the lights back off and proceeded to continue drooling over my bed, and wotever strange perverse nightmares that permeate my dreamstate. mebbe adrian will wake me up at six. which of course he did, and there was no turning back now.. we were going crabbing!

now, crabbing's not just for crabby people. fun, jolly and chemical abusing individuals like myself also make it a point to wake up at the crack of dawn to hunt for nature's ten limbed pincered fiends. the idea is to catch as many as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. but i lie, you'll catch more if you stay in the water longer. so off we went to mandurah, sleepy shotgun buddies and even sleepier drivers as we risked our lives for an hour drifting between the first and third lanes, trying to catch crabs in a more physical adept form (ie. uncrushed, unscathed and head firmly attached to neck.) too bad crabbing isn't as safe as driving.

got in the water, saw a FB stingray as felix and kenny so aptly put. i caught a coupla myself. some i baited with my uncovered feet. i think the crabbing awards have to go for those who caught mating crabs (lance and ryan). jo deserves special mention for having a fag in one hand and crab in the other. (i do this because my huge mouth said we'd build a shrine and worship her crab prowse deity if she could pull that stunt off. this is the next best thing, a blog mention.)

and then we ate all of them. every single one.

//cut to sunday//

after church, i met an old high school friend who studies in sydney. wot started out as an awkward meeting of her cousin turned out to be the muchest fun between reunions of old friends in quite awhile! yeah, sue and jo - lyn came down to perth for their cousin's birthday party. and well, we took the oppurtunity to meet up this afternoon, and then evening, and then night. iits mad, i have school in about 6.5 hours time. but i just had to do it, for old time's sake =) for today, it kinda felt like i was being invited into the family, awkward as it may be, i guess we more or less all warmed up to each other, and it was all good fun, even if it was on the surface. but that kinda stuff don't bother me so much no more.

so we had dim sum, checked a harbour out, walked around the city, had gelato, enjoyed the scenary of the park and skyline, the casino and the rnb joint in the casino. but i think most importantly, was that we all managed to catch up with one another's lives and how we were all doing. it makes the distance between friends seem real, and it brought to my attention, there's nothing like having friends physically around. it also reminded me of wot a great girl sue really is. she's probably the kinda girl whereby if you marry, you defintely marry the whole family because they're all so tight. you easily take to jo who's like the best younger sister, and yeah.. hahaha, it just really was all good fun! it's such a privillage to be friends with wonderful people like that. their uncle, aunt and cousins and boyfriends were all great folk.

i miss my folks! but i know it's all good.

so sue and jo, have a great flight back and a super semester! hopefully we'll see each other soon!


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