Friday, March 12, 2004

alternative healing
it's lovely, the internet.. so much beautiful music to be found. if sharing mp3s is doing anything, its spreading the awareness of bands and good music. getting music to places where it's unattainable. but which i guess, should professional musicians be paid for sharing a part of their lives with us? or should they expect nothing in return from us, and that if we do buy cds, it's a bonus on top of touring, endorsments.. and perhaps working even harder. i guess i'd share it by any means possible, but in order to put out quality, more time for a creative birth and process.. i'd need funding to substantiate my existence, and the necessary equipment to keep the craft floating. but y'know, so many artists suffered in the past. was there such a thing as a superstar or band? once you're in a lifestyle can you ever get out of the comsumption? lets take a step back, all ye would be artists.

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