Tuesday, March 30, 2004

bleedin obvious aye
franz ferdinand - who the heck are they?
indie rock! you're my most favourite type of
music... your music channels lots of emotion.
on the top it seems simple, but underneath
there's always a deep meaning... as your name
you're independent from most of music! stay
that way! good on you! there's so much
variation in your style...from deep and
thoughtful like the stills, to happy go lucky
like belle & sebastian, to dancy and catchy
franz ferdinand, and back to boogie down hot
hot heat
and the rapture...

what genre of rock are you?
brought to you by quizilla

the cathartic effect : 'course i am you twats, i'm bloody indie boy fer cryin' oot loud! just as morgan's the über, numero uno, master of all old indie farts.


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