Tuesday, March 16, 2004

the end of eternity
i don't say anything because i think i'm over it. when all you need is someone to ask you. slowly perhaps. listening to the same old tunes, because no new ones are birthed. and then some, you realise certain new things. not exciting things, and they make it easier to breathe. sometimes you think i've got nothing to say, or am unfeeling. but mebbe its because it's all been said and done, or nobody wants to listen. but i can't pin the blame on you all the time. i've lost that confidence in something other than my tangible self, or mebbe i'm just a fool when it comes to you. but in any case, this isn't about you or me, we're just two lost souls living in a fish bowl (credit: pink floyd). we're all looking for something, someone, even ourselves to blame. that isn't so bad, give credit where it's due. so yeah, another 24 hours, before the end of eternity.

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