Friday, March 12, 2004

dead end stop
argh, i can not look at my blog in the same way again. mattchuder has scarred my perception of my own writing, and i will never have the same confidence again. or at least till someone else tells me so. but dont do it because i told you so, do it because you're impressed. i can't help but feel that not many folk are gonna be impressed with all this. heh~

so anyway, thank you if you're here night after night, checking the latest in brianland. all 30 or so of you imaginary people who make up my daily hit count. nothing of much importance has been happening, and if i had to paint a picture, it's a plateau of sorts. well, waiting for the next high, so i can plunge into an abyss and blog all about it. you know you love it when my life goes awry..

well, i feel more emotionally stable too. things that used to make my heart skip, are starting to slow down. blame it on realisations, revalations, and something just clicking and accepting. it may be good, or bad.. but i function once again. one more robot unlearns to feel.

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