Thursday, March 18, 2004

and i wished we never stopped learning
did you know we adopted a dog? (as of press time, we're still negotiating) he's only a 4 month old puppy, and already he's quite huge. well, i just didn't expect him to be able to reach my throat if he lunged. anyhow, we should be christening it mr browne. spiffy huh? i'd like to take some credit for it. he's a cross bull terrier and calpie (sp), which basically makes him look like an overgrown doofus jack russel. snappy as hell, but he has his shining moments.

just now, i took him for a lil walk down the neighbourhood. i guess he could barely contain his excitement. by this, he was sniffing any and everything that was created, evolved and mutated. so as one of his surrogate parents, i had to keep hustling him along. keep him on the straight path if you will. but then, there were times, where you did allow him to sniff around, and appreciate the nature around him. he met some nice folk, and it was a good walk. all this is really a metaphor for a parent releasing his strains on their child, but i know this is a lousy job, my mind's on other things.

disciplining a dog is also something im new too. i'm not much of a disciplinarian, and it breaks my heart to hear him whimper and bark everytime he gets the solitary room. he's just starving for attention, and here we have the tough love, teaching him a lesson for something naughty that he did. yeah, im too sold on the idea that if you're nice to someone, they'd feel guilty of ever taking you for granted. and besides, you don't want the dog to fear you.. but i guess that's why its a fine line between disciplining and disciplining out of love.

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