Wednesday, March 24, 2004

clearer than glass, a mirror to reflect
it's kinda funny when you have to think of wot you wanna say on this blog. lately, very little has been passing my way. it's as if life has slowed down, or i just want it to be less complicated. i guess a small part of this also stems from me wanting to not impress someone so much, so yeah.. life's a bit easier. it's funny the things you'd put yourself thru just to be noticed. but i guess it really is about letting nature take its course, 'specially if you're not cursed under a bad sign. God provides, so don't stress yourself over the things of this world. yeah, life's not really all that a joke. by no means is this the end, and knowing me.. i'll probably forget about this in due time, and find myself in a similar situation. this life's cyclical in that sense.

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