Monday, March 1, 2004

school and school again. the days in life when you don't feel like waking up
im finally settling into school again. i can't seem to get out of bed. this semester, i am cursed with early classes every single day. except wednesday. but its still everyday. argh. but still, i guess im feeling that way because today is my longest day. so i didn't get back home till almost four in the afternoon. i didn't eat breakfast or lunch, i had a late night. i had no friends to eat lunch with, so i caught a few winks in the library. looking very studious of course with my books sprawled out underneath my glamourous drool.

so i had to come home and cook myself some overly salty instant pasta. it's idiot proof, tastes pretty decent.. but yeah, im in no mood to try new recipies out from scratch anymore.

so then i went for a jog with adrian and did my laundry at the student village.

my, wot an activity filled day. and my new project mates for editing project are rathe. a mother from sri lanka with 5 children and louis, a lady from china. thank goodness she speaks english. mebbe she can get me a place in the chinese network stations when they start to open up. yeah, when it picks up.

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