Tuesday, March 30, 2004

we're good like that
you know how it is when you're caught up in your own world. hedphones over your ears, humming your own tunes and oblivious to your surroundings. nothing else matters, and for that instant you shut everything else around you, and you're all alone. we need that sometimes, even though we're highly sociable creatures, acknowledgement attaches a value unto us, but that's not the price to fully pay. when you break it all down, you can't live for others all the time, and you can't live for yourself all the time as well. because, it is in others, that we find something more, something new, and yet it is within ourselves that we truely find retreat, solace and a host of other good things. and still, we havent arrived, not at a conclusion like this, it's either the begining or halfway there, but it makes no difference, we're not there yet. there are just some things that someone else must tell you, and you can't find out for yourself. can you find the faith in your doubt?

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