Tuesday, April 27, 2004

almost human
i'm watching the anime series ghost in the shell: stand alone complex currently, and i guess it's not too unbelievable, their version of the future. cyberbrains that can be hooked up to the internet (think much bigger, more interactive than ever before. think wireless..), coupled with all the usual fanfare of heavily augumented cyborg body parts (or maybe even a full retrofit for the main character!) and you start questioning wot amounts to life. well, at least that's wot the series (as well as the movie and manga) tries to bring up. i guess the tachikoma, a cute blue robot (armed with enough firepower to at least blow your brains out and then tie your arms around your face) says it best when you tells one of the characters (loosely quoted): if God is analog, then in digital it's zero. we're analog, computers see things in binary. but when creating AI, can a machine become self aware of its existence if it is continuosly learning? aha, existentialism.. excuse me while all philosophers go wank. i have no intention of thinking about it onlinel.

well, that's one thing, another is.. in order for sucha new world order to exist, it would require that we had wireless implants within our body. this easily makes Christians paranoid about wots happening next, with the sign of the beast and everything. it looks glamourous on the anime, how so in real life? i guess a fair degree of paranoia is to be expected.. to the point of being manical about it? well, as long as he dosen't become a serial killer. see, Christians are slowly being "outdated, and unpopular, out of time, out of touch.. out of it" i guess that's wot i'm observing slightly, and that's why i still cringe sometimes when things become too contemporary. i fear that so many of us become too blind as to what we think is right in God's eyes. so, something is coming our way, its not so mainly to arm ourselves with all that knowledge from the bible, but also a spirit of discernment to recognise wot comes from God himself.

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