Sunday, April 18, 2004

and now, a change and the battles to come
i guess why the entries of late have been sparodic, is because i wanted to say so much, but i couldn't. because it is true, i am concerned with how people interpret my text, and i really don't want anyone to get the wrong impression about how i feel about certain things and events which concern real lives. and because i needed an outlet, i ended up making it sound all so meaningless and senseless. i have gone back to writing in my journal, which has been getting dusty of late. and it is such a relief to write about how i truely feel. you the audience, i reckon will accept this style of harmless?bananas!, because we here have been trying to keep things simple, fun and harmless. where despite of our baggage, we have found a spot to rest. take some time off, discuss, enjoy the breeze in the air, or the burning trees created by the sunsets. where God's creation, takes us to a certain place, a moment that trancends the experiences we've had, a place before time, a vision not too far, the potential, the doubt, the said and unsaid.. everything in a singularity. it feels better, to not wrestle with wot text appears, and wot stays in. this is my cathartic effect, to you all.

learn more, and equip yourselfis there more than meets the eye?
recently, i had the delight of learning so much more about the sad state of commercial music. all you who believe in good music can pay a visit to the site, and equip yourself with some knowledge and outlooks. look broader, you might just get rewarded.

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