Thursday, April 15, 2004

something that lingers
i can feel it, it's something that's inside me.. wanting to break out of the rut, to say the things i wanna say to the people i love, do something for them. to create something, that's from my soul to yours. to find some revelance of independence, know who i am in perth, who i am to my parents, and to my friends, and to God. you can never stop learning sometimes, i'm still learning. i guess i've wandered away somewhat, just because perhaps i was so jaded, talking and walking in circles. it's not that i didn't know wot i could do, it's always the obvious choice, but there's something about me and rebellion. and there's something about me. not following the things that are best for me, and then mucking around after that.

yeah, i guess in some sense, i wanna see this life take shape, but it's in His time and not mine. yeah, there's an impatience, there's a loss, and there's a relief all at once, i want to feel it.

and when there's something that lingers, i'm finally been drawn into the new sarah mclachlan album. in preperation for her concert on the 31st of may. so yeah, i will get the tickets, and drive to it in a new old car, with good friends who enjoy sarah, take pictures, feel inspired to write new songs.. and everything will take shappe. God-willing of course. but yeah, there is a calm today, with most things. i've said all i can, and could, written as much as i wanted, given it wot i could give. 'tis day we'll take note of wot lingers in the heart, and lay it out in the sun.

and if i feel a rage i won't deny it, i won't fear love
the voice of an angel. the one of my heart.

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