Saturday, April 24, 2004

half the heart
here's the deal. i just feel so daymned unaccomplished because this car that i was checking out, i never got to try due to my own dumbness (not bringing my L-plates). so my friend tries the car out, and im in the passenger seat again. he tells me its a difficult car to drive, but i want to know myself. he dosen't like the way its been customised, the noisy exhaust, basically he don't like anything about it. i can't look past the 1 grand price tag onit. the thing i think im paranoid about, is that he thinks im just doing this cuz it's an old sports car, and that i didn't know any better. he's right, i don't know any better, i like the way the car looks and i wanna learn more.. so stop putting me down and daymn well teach me something you think i ought to know rather than form all these representations about me.

i guess there are some things i have to learn, probably too spoonfed still. good thing this car is near my house, so i can just walk over and see how things are. and then i'd probably find a qualified mechanic or someone who's more willing to tell me about wots under the hood and wot needs to be changed and all that. daymn i'm bitching, and trying to be as fair as possible. it's hard..

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